Many credit cards feature personalized offers and deals (e.g., Amex Offers, BankAmeriDeals, Chase Offers). These offers are often lucrative and more valuable than typical credit card rewards. They are also given in the form of statement credit. However, they normally need to be manually activated and used before they expire. Because of the hassles of activating and using deals, most people don't leverage this valuable benefit of credit cards.

Card Deals is our premium functionality where we:

  • Activate card offers
  • Aggregate them all in one place
  • Make them searchable
  • Provide proactive notifications for new and expiring deals
  • Incorporate offers when making best card recommendations

To activate Card Deals, users need to have a qualify account connected and have a payment method on file. The requirement for a payment on file is waived for users who have fee-free savings credits.

We charge users 20% of savings from Card Deals, which is billed every month to the payment on file. There are no upfront costs or hidden fees. Users can cancel anytime.

Card Deals will become part of MaxRewards Gold, our premium new service. MaxRewards Gold is available to users in the Early Access program, and will be available to all users later this month.

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